Brandi Bush-Percy

Brandi Bush-Percy ’12 knew from a young age she wanted to be a lawyer. As she grew older, she was sure of her childhood dream.

She graduated from OCU School of Law in 2012 and began working for Hobby Lobby. Due to her background in insurance, Hobby Lobby’s General Counsel quickly approached her about the need for counsel in their risk management department and she was named the Senior Counsel for Risk Management.

“My role in risk management was broad but primarily involved handling personal injury cases resultant from the store operations as well as motor vehicle accidents, which involved Hobby Lobby’s fleet vehicles and tractor-trailers,” says Bush-Percy. “I also advised regarding employment matters and assisted in the redrafting of company documents such as policy and procedure manuals as well as employee handbooks, etc.”

Brandi married in 2016 and moved to North Carolina where she began working as counsel for Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company (ACIC). At ACIC, Brandi deals with personal injury and construction defect cases, insurance coverage lawsuits, and legal research to advise company executives regarding the status of the law in certain areas.

She enjoys the variety of being a corporate counsel.

“I get to be knowledgeable in a wide array of matters and I am consistently challenged to find the right answers and to provide clear, concise and defensible advice to my client(s). As a young lawyer, I believe it is critical to keep learning and keep growing so that you are always sharp and never complacent. This way, you provide your best service.”

Brandi continues to sharpen her skills every day due to her job and encourages future lawyers to do the same.

“Keep your skills sharp,” says Bush-Percy. “Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Learning doesn’t stop after law school. Stay up-to-date on relevant case law, read the bar journal, identify a mentor and actually spend time with them, asking them questions.”