Master of Legal Studies

Legal Expertise for the Non-lawyer

Earn your Master of Legal Studies (MLS) in Two Years. You’ll level up your legal skills and earning potential without becoming a licensed attorney. This degree program is part-time, online and accelerated, just like your career will be.

Areas of study include contractual, compliance and regulatory issues that affect today’s businesses. As a student, you will gain top-tier knowledge and skills designed to help expand your understanding of the intersectionality between law and industry while advancing your career.

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How can a Master of Legal Studies benefit me?

An MLS degree positions you to help your company navigate increasingly complex legal terrain. You’ll become an internal expert who can confidently represent their legal interests and work with partnering attorneys on a regular basis.

Career opportunities include: contract writer, compliance officer, procurement specialist, project manager, loan officer, banking officer, engineer.

Program Details

Application Requirements

We keep admissions criteria simple at Oklahoma City University, welcoming students of all professional backgrounds. When we review your application, we’ll just need to see the following:

• Basic personal information (name, contact information, military status, etc.)
• Official undergraduate transcripts
• Professional resume
• Cover letter (500 words or less)
• 1 letter of recommendation
• Note: There is no GRE or LSAT required for admission to the MLS program

Once you submit, we’ll review and get back to you quickly with an admissions decision.

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Master of Legal Studies Curriculum and Courses

At the conclusion of the program:

  • An MLS graduate will understand sources of legal authority and how to interpret and apply them in their work
  • An MLS graduate will have an in-depth knowledge of relevant regulatory and
    statutory frameworks
  • An MLS graduate will have professional research and communication skills

Government Contracts

  • An MLS graduate with a Government Contracts Concentration will possess the legal and regulatory knowledge and skills to help develop, negotiate, execute, and manage government contracts

Corporate Compliance (Banking and Finance Emphasis) Concentration

  • An MLS graduate with a Corporate Compliance Concentration will have knowledge of the legal and regulatory issues that impact the banking and financial industries.
  • An MLS graduate with a Corporate Compliance concentration will possess the skills to research, analyze, and apply complex financial and banking regulations to their work.

Core Curriculum 15 hours (all students complete)

  • American Legal System and Legal Analysis 5403 (+)
  • Statutory and Regulatory Law and Research 5413 (+)
  • Writing and Professional Communication 5423 (+)
  • Contracts 5503 (+)
  • Employment Law 5613 (+)
  • No Concentration (+)

Government Contracts Concentration

  • Negotiation 5513 (+)
  • Federal, State, and Local Contracts and Leases 5523 (+)
  • Federal, State, and Local Appropriations 5533 (+)
  • Conflicts of Law in Government Contracts 5543 (+)
  • Capstone Project 5593 (+)

Corporate Compliance in Banking and Finance

  • Business Law 5713 (+)
  • Banking Law 5723 (+)
  • Ethics and Compliance 5733 (+)
  • Banking and Finance Regulatory and Compliance Systems 5743 (+)
  • Capstone Project 5793 (+)

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