Student Life

Who says a student of law can’t also find time to be a student of life? Participate in OCU Law’s many enriching programs and organizations and be both.

Campus organizations provide invaluable opportunities to deepen your law school experience. Students can hone their leadership skills, strengthen knowledge of legal specialties, and build bonds with fellow students, faculty, alumni, and legal professionals who share their passions.

Student Organizations

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  • Agricultural & Environmental Law Association
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Group
  • American Bar Association, Law Student Division
  • American Constitution Society
  • Animal Law Group
  • Antitrust & Competition Law Society
  • Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
  • John E. Green Black Law Students Association
  • Cannabis Legal Society
  • Catholic Law Student Association
  • Christian Legal Society
  • Corporate Law Association
  • Criminal Law Association
  • Energy Law Association
  • Family Law Association
  • Federal Bar Association, OCU Chapter
  • Federalist Society, OCU Chapter
  • F.I.T.E. Club (Fighting for Innocence Through Exoneration)
  • Future Lawyers for Children
  • Health Law Association
  • Hispanic Law Student Association
  • Immigration Legal Society
  • Intellectual Property Law Society
  • International Law Society
  • Murrah Student Association
  • Native American Law Students Association
  • Organization for the Advancement of Women in the Law
  • OUTLaws
  • Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity – Vaught Chapter
  • Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honor Society – Learned Hand Inn
  • Poverty Law Group
  • Public Interest Law Group
  • Second Amendment Society
  • Sports, Property & Entertainment Law Association
  • Texas Legal Society

Student Bar Association

As the official organization of the student body OCU Law, the Student Bar Association (SBA) governs and supports the over 25 campus student organizations. All students enrolled at OCU Law are members of the SBA.

SBA Executive Officers 2022 – 2023

  • President: Sam Holzschuh
  • Vice President: Kaylee Maxon
  • Secretary: Redmond Wortham
  • Treasurer: Bethany Ball

3L Class Officers

  • President: Jeriah Steward
  • Vice President: Sam Holzschuh
  • Secretary: Tim Geary
  • Treasurer: Bethany Ball
  • Section Rep: Ethan Tourtellotte
  • Section Rep: Liz Hellman

2L Class Officers

  • President: Kaden Peebles
  • Vice President: Alexis Garner
  • Secretary: Cole Peters
  • Treasurer: Lacy Kelly
  • Section Rep: Macey Fields
  • Section Rep: Piper Tully

1L Class Officers

  • President: Denzel Akuffo
  • Vice President: Immanuella Eyobio
  • Secretary: Joy Neyland
  • Treasurer: Taysia Stephens
  • Section Rep: Caden Kutach
  • Section Rep: Zachary Pelletier

Inns of Court

The American Inns of Court, America’s oldest, largest, and fastest-growing legal mentoring organization, is firmly rooted in the noble 800-year-old tradition of the Inns of Court in England.

For over 20 years, American Inns of Court have provided judges, lawyers, and law students an opportunity to participate actively in developing a deeper sense of professionalism, achieving higher levels of excellence, and furthering the practice of law with dignity and integrity.

Regular local meetings of American Inns of Court provide a collegial atmosphere that encourages networking between all members, mentoring and skills development, and the exchange of concepts, ideas, and techniques.

The goal of the American Inns of Court is to raise the standard of the legal profession. Outside the courtroom and formal training, veteran, seasoned professionals can share their wisdom and insight with less-experienced practitioners, individually or in small groups. Focused on the development of skills, Inn programs provide creative, practical, and interactive instruction in all areas of legal practice. By participating in these programs, members gain the double benefits of teaching as well as learning.

As a member of the American Inns of Court, you will join with local judges and lawyers dedicated to restoring the nobility and ideals of the legal profession in a hands-on, practical way — and you will be part of over 23,000 like-minded professionals nationwide who proudly realize the rewards and benefits of membership and enjoy the support that a strong, national organization provides.

Through membership in the American Inns of Court, you can make a lasting contribution to preserving an ethical, civil, and professional bench and bar for future generations.

Available Memberships Through OCU Law

Student Organization Resources

There are a variety of resources available to help student organizations thrive. Find helpful information by logging into D2L and navigating to the Student Services page. Resources you’ll find  there include:

  • Student Bar Association By-Laws
  • Student Bar Association Constitution
  • Budget Committee Regulations
  • How the Budget Process Works
  • SBA Budget Request Form

The SBA Budget Request Form is to be used when requesting funds from the SBA. Budget Request Forms must be emailed to by 5:00 p.m. the Tuesday prior to the SBA meeting at which the request will be considered. In order for your Budget Request to be considered in the fullest capacity, you must submit supporting documentation.

To Reserve a Table

The fifth-floor tabling schedule is maintained by the sitting SBA Secretary. If you would like to submit a request to reserve a table time for your organization, you may do so by emailing  your proposed times. Organizations are limited to twelve (12) hours per week of tabling.

In your request, please include:

  • Organization name
  • Why you are tabling
  • Time(s) you would like to table

Business Proposals for SBA General Meetings

Any business that needs to be raised at the SBA meeting must be submitted via email to no later than the preceding Tuesday by 5:00 p.m. Any request not turned in by that date and time will not be covered until the following SBA meeting.

Student Organization Food and Supply Procedures, Expense Reimbursement Form, & Commencement Cords and Stoles Orders Guidelines

Food and supply orders are coordinated through the office of the Director of Finance. You can find more information about the policies and procedures, plus the Expense Reimbursement Form and commencement cords and stoles information, on this page.