Admissions FAQs

How much is tuition at OCU Law?

Tuition and fees per year are as follows:

  • Students enrolled in the full-time program: $37,500
  • Students enrolled in the part-time option: $24,900

How do I apply for scholarships?

Applicants will automatically be considered for Merit Scholarships by the Admissions Committee. Selected applicants will receive information about the award with his or her acceptance letter. If you’re applying for the Sumners scholarship, there is an additional application that must be submitted by February 20.  Please download the application or contact the School of Law Admissions Office.

How do I apply for federal loans?

Complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as close to October 1 as possible. The Title IV institutional code for Oklahoma City University is 003166. If you have never filed a FAFSA or have lost your Personal Identification Number (PIN), apply for a PIN first. Learn more about the Financial Aid process.

When will I know what kind of financial aid I will receive?

You will receive an award notification approximately three to five weeks after admission.

Who should I contact with questions about financial aid?

Contact the Oklahoma City University Financial Aid Department at (405) 208-5211 or email.

What kind of financial aid is available for international students?

Like all applicants, international students will be considered for merit-based awards, but are generally not eligible for federal financial aid. Private loans may be available.

Who is eligible for federal loans?

U.S. citizens and permanent residents not in active bankruptcy or in default of prior federal student loans are eligible to apply.

How important is my credit history?

Credit history is very important. Options are limited for students unable to qualify for Graduate PLUS loans and your eligibility is based, in part, upon your credit history.

How do I check my credit history?

Start by ordering your three-bureau report to review your credit history. If your report suggests that securing Graduate PLUS Loans will be difficult, we encourage you to pursue credit counseling and/or be prepared to secure a co-signer if Grad PLUS Loans are necessary for you to pursue a legal degree.

May I work while attending law school?

OCU Law strongly recommends that a full-time student refrain from working during the first year of law school. After you have completed your first year of law school, you must base the amount of outside employment hours on the number of credits being taken. If you plan to fund law school by working during law school, you may enroll as a part-time student and continue to work full-time. Contact the Office of Admissions or the Academic Services Center/Registrar for more information.

What is the median LSAT?

Our median LSAT over the last five years is about 148. Please note the LSAT changes year to year and you should check the ABA 509 required disclosures for detailed information.

What is the median GPA?

Our median GPA over the last five years is about 3.19. Please note the GPA changes year to year and you should check the ABA 509 required disclosures for detailed information.

What do OCU Law students do after graduation?

Our graduates go on to practice in a number of areas. Notable alumni have served as the governor of Oklahoma, mayor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Supreme Court judges, attorneys in large and small firms and nonprofit agencies.

Where do OCU Law students live?

Our students live all over Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. Many live downtown and midtown and enjoy the convenience of walking to class, work and play.

What internship opportunities are available for students?

Internship opportunities can include large firms, small firms, nonprofits, corporations and more.

Do you accept the GRE for admission?

We do not accept the GRE at this time.

Who should write my reference letters?

Professors, coaches, work supervisors or work colleagues who have personal knowledge of the applicant’s academic abilities, work performance and work ethic, and who can speak to the applicant’s potential for success in law school. OCU Law does not accept letters of recommendation from family members or letters dated more than a year prior to the date of application.

What should I write about in my personal statement?

The statement is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the Faculty Admissions Committee and should include information about your personal and career ambitions, as well as the reasons for wanting to attend law school.

What factors are considered for law school admission and scholarship selection?

Factors taken into account include, but are not limited to, an applicant’s record of academic success, including undergraduate GPA, major and the rigor of the major; highest LSAT score; extracurricular activities; leadership activities; first-generation college and graduate school status.

When should I apply to law school?

We suggest that applicants apply by February 15 to be considered for all scholarships and for enrollment in the Summer Start or Legal Method programs. Applications for either of these programs will be considered until the programs are full and/or classes for the programs begin.

What qualifications do I need to be admitted to the Bar in another state?

In addition to a bar examination, there are character, fitness and other qualifications for admission to the bar in every U.S. jurisdiction. Applicants are encouraged to contact the jurisdiction in which they intend to seek admission to determine the requirements. Addresses for all relevant agencies are available through The National Conference of Bar Examiners.

How do I check my application status?

Check your status online here.

How will I be notified of an admissions decision?

Admissions decisions are typically made within three to six weeks after we receive an applicant’s completed file. Admitted students are formally notified by email and U.S. Mail, which will include instructions to reserve your seat in the class and accept any awarded scholarship.

What if my application is denied?

All decisions of the Admissions Committee are final. Applicants denied admissions may reapply the following year.

If classes are delivered online due to circumstances outside the university’s control, will I receive a refund?

Some or all instruction for all or part of an academic year may be delivered remotely or in a hybrid format. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be modified or refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely or via a hybrid model for any part of the academic year. In the event, Oklahoma City University cancels in-progress courses because of a campus closure or institution-wide transition to remote instruction, and such cancellation results in a change in a student’s enrollment status, Oklahoma City University may, at its discretion, refund a portion of the student’s tuition and/or course-specific fees (such as lab fees). Should the University determine, in its sole discretion, that a refund is appropriate, such a refund may be made via credit to the student’s semester account.

Temporary or permanent changes to the method of instruction, regardless of when they are implemented, are not grounds for refunds under the University’s tuition and fee refund policy.

We believe the value of an Oklahoma City University education and degree, whether in-person or remote, continues to greatly exceed tuition. Moreover, our main educational costs are continuing, as the services they provide are continuing; our infrastructure costs are continuing; and we are incurring additional costs for online education and actions we are taking to respond to the pandemic. As such, Oklahoma City University does not refund tuition because of changes to the method of instruction.

We continue to work with students and families who are in financial distress due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we encourage you to reach out if you need help. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

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