Admissions Policies & Procedures

Admissions Policy

We use a rolling admission review process. We review applications from September 1 until July 15 of each year. Read our Admissions Policy.

Admissions Procedures

Step-by-step guide to admissions.


Interviews are not required for admission consideration. Please schedule a tour to visit our community or contact our Admissions Office to learn more (405) 208-5354.

Legal Method Program

OCU Law has a preparatory program for students who have been admitted and whose applications indicate two things: factors demonstrating a likelihood of success in law school, on the bar exam, and in practice but also some risk for academic success. Risk factors include entering credentials that may be at or below the previous year’s 25th percentile for LSAT score and undergraduate GPA.

Participation in the legal method program is by invitation only. Students in the program take a two-credit-hour course, in which they learn fundamental skills such as case analysis, case briefing, rule synthesis and statutory interpretation. Each section is taught by a full-time faculty member, and the students have multiple opportunities for graded work, personal feedback and take a final examination in the course. Students must pass the course and remain in good standing to continue in the fall. Students finishing the course in the top 25% of the class may be awarded an annual scholarship.

International Candidates

Foreign transcripts must be submitted to the Credential Assembly Service of the Law School Admission Council for transcript authentication and evaluation. To submit, please contact the Credential Service of the Law School Admission Council.

Candidates for whom English is not their first language must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Information on the TOEFL may be found at Scores must be sent directly to the Law School Admission Council. A TOEFL exam waiver may be available on a case by case basis. Please contact the admissions office for details.

Character and Fitness Requirements for Bar Admission

Students who intend to practice law should be aware that admission to the bar in all states involves character, fitness and other qualifications. Before applying for admission to law school, applicants are advised to investigate the requirements for admission to the practice of law in any jurisdiction in which they intend to practice. Some state bars may require registration at the time of entry into law school. An applicant’s ability to be admitted to the practice of law, even after successful completion of legal studies and graduation from law school, may be severely limited if the applicant has had any legal or disciplinary issue. Students are encouraged to determine the requirements for the state(s) in which they intend to practice by consulting the website of the National Conference of Bar Examiners at

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Nondiscrimination Policy prohibits discrimination in the University community, including students, faculty, staff, guests, and visitors. Acts of discrimination, including harassment based on a protected category, may limit, deprive, or deny educational/employment access, benefits, and opportunities. This policy prohibits discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin (including ancestry), religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, disability, domestic violence victim status, veteran or military status, and other protected categories under federal law. View Oklahoma City University’s Nondiscrimination Policy.

The University’s Compliance Coordinator oversees prevention and response programs addressing discrimination in our community. To make a report, ask questions, or learn more, please contact (405) 208-5075.