At OCU, we recognize the importance of practical experience to succeed in the legal profession. That’s why we offer a variety of competition activities that allow students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world legal scenarios. These competitions not only provide an opportunity to develop essential practical skills, but also allow students to network with legal professionals and fellow students from around the country and world.

Our competition activities include both litigation and transactional competitions, providing opportunities for students with different interests and career goals. Each competition is designed to simulate different aspects of the legal profession, providing students with a well-rounded experience. Participating in legal competitions also helps students stand out in the job market, demonstrating to employers the ability to apply legal theory to real-world scenarios.

Litigation Competitions

Hone your legal analysis and advocacy skills, while learning how to think on your feet and handle unexpected challenges in the courtroom through moot court and mock trial competitions. Litigation competitions provide valuable courtroom experience and the opportunity to argue cases in front of real judges and attorneys. Working in teams, students research legal issues, prepare arguments and deliver persuasive oral arguments.

Transactional Competitions

Develop negotiation and conflict resolution skills, while refining your ability to communicate effectively with clients through competitions such as negotiation and client counseling. Transactional competitions help students learn how to identify and communicate clients’ interests effectively, develop creative solutions and build consensus.

We regularly send one or more teams to some of the following national and international competitions: