Simulation Courses

Simulated scenarios. Real results.

Simulation courses are an excellent opportunity to practice legal skills and gain practical experience through simulated scenarios and role-playing exercises.

These courses typically involve a hypothetical legal problem or issue that students work through in teams or individually, ranging from negotiating a contract to conducting a mediation or arbitration to preparing for trial or arguing before a judge. You’re assigned roles (attorneys, clients or mediators) and are able to work through scenarios just as you will in your real-life practice. You’ll receive feedback from your professors and peers, and have the opportunity to reflect on your performance and improve your skills.

Our current simulation courses:

  • Advocating for Animals in Agriculture
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution In Family Law
  • Appellate Advocacy– Municipal Law Simulation
  • Arbitration Advocacy
  • Child Abuse And Neglect I: Defining The Problem (This Course Qualifies As An Externship)
  • Child Abuse And Neglect II: Interventions For The Problem (This Course Qualifies As An Externship)
  • Forensic Evidence In The Courtroom
  • Interviewing, Counseling, And Negotiation Advocacy
  • Mediation Advocacy
  • Pretrial Litigation
  • Street Law
  • Trial Practice