How to Prepare for the Legal Internship Examination

Giving or securing any unauthorized information about the Legal Internship Examination constitutes a violation of your obligations under the law school Student Conduct Code and shall be a cause for disciplinary action. Applicants shall NOT prepare for this examination by consulting with any student or graduate that has previously taken the examination.

1) Section A addresses the a) procedural rules; b) regulations; and c) summary of rule interpretations found in the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma on Legal Internship

  • All candidates will sit for this examination
  • One-hour timed examination
  • 50 true/false questions

2) Section B addresses the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys found in 5 O.S. Ch. 1, App. 3-A

  • Candidates that have not taken the MPRE will sit for this exam
  • Candidates that did not obtain the minimum Oklahoma passing scaled score of 80 on the MPRE will sit for this exam
  • One-hour timed examination*
  • 50 true/false questions

*Candidates will have a total of two hours to complete both Sections A and B.

There are no sample test questions or old exams on file in the law library, and you are not permitted to obtain outlines from anyone that has taken the examination (per above) so how do you prepare?

a)  This is a comprehensive, content-based examination.
b)  While the examination is timed, one hour for each section is more than sufficient time for successful completion.
c)  Do not skip over any rules, regulations, or interpretations in the Supreme Court Rulebook, making assumptions about what will or will not be covered.
d)  Do not overlook any O.S. citations noted for reference in the Supreme Court Rulebook.
e)  Do not give credence to any rumors you may hear regarding the lack of need for thorough preparation! This examination is offered only five times during the academic year, and not at all during the summer break.
f)  Candidates that fail the examination seriously delay obtaining a Limited License and may place their employment in jeopardy.

And finally, the examinations start precisely at the hour(s) indicated on the posted examination schedule. As with any law class, please plan to arrive early to get settled, receive instructions, etc. and be prepared to begin the examination on time.

  • Latecomers will not be seated for the examination and will be deferred to the next scheduled examination cycle.