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Opportunity. Self-discovery. That’s the lifeblood of student life.

In law school, passing the bar is the ultimate goal. But getting to know yourself is equally important. At OCU Law, we help you discover your passions through a breadth of initiatives and opportunities.

The Student Bar Association, student engagement, wellness programs, extracurricular activities, community service projects, and financial literacy education are integral to a well-rounded law school experience. By immersing yourself in a community with a wide variety of interests and diverse perspectives, we’ll help you discover who you really are.

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Want to squeeze the most out your law school experience? Immerse yourself in the richness of campus life. Learn from your peers. Network with current and future law professionals. Make valuable connections in the realms of business and government. Maximize your education.

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Career Development

Law school is a time to collect experiences, explore possibilities, and see what the legal world has to offer. Law Student Services provides powerful opportunities to get involved and discover your passions. With robust experiences under your belt, you’ll be in a prime position to develop and execute a successful career plan. Get the tools, guidance, advice, and connections you need to succeed after graduation. The time to start career planning is now. Come to Learn. Learn to Lead.

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