Priscilla Villanueva, 2L

I was born and raised in Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas. I earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice at the University of North Texas at Dallas and graduated Summa Cum Laude. As a proud Mexican American, I initially felt that law school was far-fetched. I didn’t grow up around attorneys, so there were no one’s footsteps to follow. However, I never stopped believing I could make my dreams come true. With the help of God and my family, my dreams are coming true as I am a current first-generation law student at OCU Law.

At OCU Law, I have met a wonderful group of faculty, staff, and students who have made me feel like I belong. I believe that OCU Law has something for everyone and provides students with the best skills to become successful in the legal field. Apart from being a Law Admissions Ambassador, some organizations I am a part of include Phi Alpha Delta, the Criminal Law Association, Spanish for Lawyers, and I am the secretary for the Immigration Law Society. So, if you are thinking about a legal career, but because of your circumstances, you feel it is unattainable, I say don’t let that hold you back. Go for it and never stop believing that you can.