Blake Bush, 2L

My name is Blake Bush. I was born in Allen, Texas, a suburb right outside of the great city of Dallas. I graduated from University of Oklahoma in 2019, earning a B.A. degree in Print Journalism. I am working toward a career in transactional law. To be at OCU is a blessing. Not only are students equipped with the necessary resources and capabilities to achieve their goals, they are also able to pursue various types of law in this program. While the litigation route is not for me, I am ecstatic for the opportunity to hone my skills in a more corporate setting. OCU provides that opportunity to grow in my personal preference of law and to reach success in every step of the way.

I am a member of the OCU Law Review, an Academic Fellow, and an Admissions Ambassador. I am grateful for the opportunity to work within these organizations. OCU is home to a tight-knit community where students can meet life-long colleagues, learn indispensable knowledge, and gain hands-on experience in the courses and programs it offers. Despite the competitive nature of law school, we are a community first. We strive for each other’s success, and that alone makes the experience even more worthwhile.