Admissions COVID-19 Updates


Oklahoma City University School of Law will accept LSAT-FLEX scores for applications for a fall 2021 start.

Prospective Students

Please contact us with your questions and requests for information. We encourage you to visit our website, to email us at or, or to call us at 405.208.5354. Our admissions staff and law student ambassadors are ready to provide information, guidance, and insight into the law school application and admission process and can tell you all about the law school experience and opportunities at Oklahoma City University School of Law and in Oklahoma City and beyond.

And if you’d like us to send you a packet of information, please contact

Application Deadline

Our application deadline for a fall 2021 start is July 31, 2021.

Those Who Have Applied

Thank you for your interest in Oklahoma City University School of Law! Please know that we continue to process applications and files and that we anticipate continuing with our current schedule of once an application is complete with the receipt of all transcripts and letters of recommendation and character and fitness addenda, our faculty admissions committee will review the file, make a decision, and you will be notified by email of the decision and applicable scholarship award within a week to ten days of receipt of the completed file.