Externship FAQs

Is the externship offered every semester?


When is a student eligible to take an externship course?

Students must complete the “required” curriculum before enrolling in an externship program.

What are the prerequisites for externship courses?

Prerequisites are “placement site” specific. Please see the course syllabus and review the requirements for each placement site.

Does the professor assign students to a placement site?

No. Students select a placement site.

Can I do more than one externship?

Yes. Students may earn a total of 9 credit hours in externship programs. See “Limitations on Credit for Certain Categories of Courses” in the online Academic Handbook. However, you can only do one externship per semester.

Do I need a Legal Intern’s license for the externship program?

No, but some placement sites strongly recommend a legal intern’s license. Click here for more on the Licensed Legal Intern Program.

Can I get paid while doing an externship?

No. This would violate ABA rules. See Standards and Rules Procedure for Approval of Law Schools, Interpretation 305-2.

Can I extern at a private law firm?

No. That is not approved by the faculty.

Can I add a placement site that is not included on the approved site list?

Only with the approval of the instructor and only as long as it is consistent with program guidelines.


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