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The majority of law students choose to pursue a career as an attorney after law school.  In every jurisdiction in the United States, a prospective attorney must pass a bar exam.  Each state administers its own exam.  Although each state’s bar exam is substantively different, 48 states (Louisiana and Washington are the exceptions) test in two ways:  an essay exam and a 200 question multiple choice test.  In those 48 states, the multiple choice exam is the same test nationwide, but the essays cover state specific substantive law.

Knowing the format of every states’ bar exam, Oklahoma City University School of Law implemented a unique supplemental bar preparation program called “Conquer the Bar.”  The supplemental program begins your last semester of law school and focuses on both essay writing (Essay Preparation) and multiple choice testing (MBE Preparation). The MBE preparation focuses on both multiple choice test taking skills and the six MBE subjects.  The essay preparation teaches students how to write a successful essay answer for any bar exam.  A schedule of events is distributed and posted at the beginning of each semester to inform students when the lectures will occur.

Conquer the Bar does not end at graduation.  Once the students graduate, the program supplements the commercial bar review companies instruction.  Lectures are presented, and numerous practice tests are held so students practice the necessary skills needed to pass the bar exam.  Legal knowledge alone is not enough to pass the exam.  Graduates must diligently work both memorizing the legal principles and practicing exam questions from mid-May until the end of July.  After participating in the program and following the advice of the law school, the majority of graduates Conquer the Bar!

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