Academic Achievement Mission

Welcome to the Oklahoma City University School of Law. Your decision to study law exemplifies your commitment to the legal profession and to your community.  You should expect that your journey through law school will be both challenging and extremely rewarding.

Oklahoma City University School of Law is dedicated to preparing its students to become responsible professionals through a rigorous program of instruction that focuses on students’ intellectual and professional development.  Our faculty and administration strive to provide access to supplemental instruction, guidance, and encouragement as students acclimate to the rigors of the study of law, and we continue that support for our alumni.

The Department of Academic Achievement further contributes to the law school’s primary mission: to educate responsible professionals, enabling them to become leaders in law, business, government, and civic life.  Academic Achievement programs complement the law school’s traditional educational methods for developing students’ analytical and critical reasoning skills by providing students with additional learning opportunities. The Department of Academic Achievement teaches, administers, and coordinates various academic programs designed to maximize individual performance in law school and on the bar exam.

Students arrive at the School of Law from varied backgrounds and possessing different academic skills and learning styles. The Department embraces these differences, affirms the law school’s commitment to diversity in legal education and in the legal profession, and offers learning opportunities that acknowledge these differences to cultivate an environment of success.  The law school’s support for the Department of Academic Achievement exemplifies its commitment to the student body.

The Department of Academic Achievement administers programs to assist students during law school, and with the transition from the classroom to professional life.  As you will ultimately discover, law school is completely different than any other academic endeavor you encountered.  The material, method, and testing techniques are unique to law school.  The Department of Academic Achievement focuses on assisting your transition to the rigors of law school.  During your first year, we encourage you to attend the “Study for Success” program.  The Study for Success program includes supplemental instruction in your classes and instruction in study techniques to maximize your success in law school.

The vast majority of law school graduates choose a career as an attorney.  As you will find out, becoming an attorney requires passing a bar exam.  OCU Law does not forget about you after graduation, the Department of Academic Achievement created a supplemental preparation program during your last semester of law school leading up to the bar exam to help you Conquer the Bar!


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