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It’s never too early to start cultivating opportunity. Law Student Services helps you explore possibilities in private practice, business, industry, military, government, nonprofit, academia, and more. Position yourself for success after graduation.

We are here to help you. Our services include:

No two students are quite alike. With individualized student advising, we take the time to understand your needs and aspirations — both personally and professionally. We’ll help you develop an all-inclusive job search strategy, leveraging interviews, networking, and marketing to stand out to potential employers.

Eventually, your résumé will be stacked with hundreds just like it. How will yours stand out? Why will your cover letter rise to the top? Law Student Services staff are available to review résumés, cover letters, writing samples, and other documents to position you for success in your job search.

The art of the interview is a critical skill for summer and post-graduate employment. Whether you’re brimming with confidence or feeling self-conscious, we’ll help you master the task through practice and preparation.

You’ve seen the listings on LinkedIn and But did you know about the “hidden job market?” Many job opportunities aren’t widely advertised — or maybe they’re just about to become available. Networking is essential to tapping this hidden stream of opportunity. Law Student Services will help you build your network to take advantage of job openings, business referrals, and mentorship opportunities.

Launching a successful career is a process, and it starts early in your law school experience. We help you take ownership of your professional development with the tools, skills, and introspection you need to find the right job for you.

Law Student Services offers a wealth of support to alumni who are changing jobs or careers. One-on-one advising includes general counseling about goals and directions. You will also receive: advice on how to initiate and conduct a search; feedback on your résumé; guidance on positioning professional experience as strongly as possible; interview prep; professional contacts; and more.

Master essential skills for passing the bar through our Bar Application Prep services. Learn studying and test-taking strategies plus vital information, including early registration requirements for various states. We provide students who wish to practice law in other states with the information they need to register and prepare for out-of-state bar exams.

In conjunction with the Department of Academic Achievement, OCU Law offers a supplemental prep program called “Conquer the Bar.” This program begins as early as your last semester in law school and runs right up to the bar exam in July or February. After participating in this program and following the advice of the law school, the majority of our graduates pass with flying colors.

OCU Law publishes statistics on bar passage, employment rates for previous years, grading scales, and honors earned by OCU Law students. It’s part of our effort to maintain excellence through constant improvement and refinement of our offerings.

This information is compiled at the national level by the ABA and the National Association for Law Placement (NALP). These organizations report on the status of post law school hiring across the nation and provides prospective employers and other interested consumers with a standardized point of comparison.

Oklahoma City University School of Law ABA Summary Reports

Class of 2018
Class of 2017
Class of 2016
Class of 2015
Class of 2014
Class of 2013
Class of 2012
Class of 2011
Class of 2010
Class of 2009

Oklahoma City University School of Law NALP Summary Reports

Class of 2017
Class of 2016
Class of 2015
Class of 2014
Class of 2013
Class of 2012
Class of 2011
Class of 2010
Class of 2009

Percentage Employed Within All Employer Types (OCU LAW / National Aggregate)

Private Practice49.6 / 54.462.4 / 52.950.4 / 51.356.1 / 50.955.1 / 51.154.6 / 50.757.5 / 49.563.7 / 50.955.8 / 55.9
Business/Industry15.0 / 13.913.7 / 15.630.4 / 17.225.7 / 18.023.7 / 18.427.6 / 17.927.4 / 18.120.0 / 15.123.2 / 13.5
Government/Military28.3 / 12.018.8 / 12.113.0 / 12.317.5 / 12.118.0* / 11.511.7 / 12.18.9 / 11.911.1 / 12.810.9 / 11.4
Public Interest7.1 / 7.24.3 / 6.94.4 / 7.10.7 / 7.30.6** / 7.13.7 / 7.24.8 / 7.51.5 / 6.78.0 / 5.7
Academia0.0 / 1.60.0 / 1.90.9 / 1.90.0 / 2.12.6 / 2.61.8 / 2.70.7 / 3.03.0 / 3.72.2 / 3.5
Judicial Clerkships0.0 / 10.70.8 / 10.50.9 / 10.00.0 / 9.20.0 / 9.00.6 / 8.90.7 / 9.30.7 / 9.30.0 / 8.7

National employer type statistics will be available for comparison late summer or early fall.

*Beginning with the Class of 2013, the ABA reclassified public defender/appellate defender job types as Government rather than Public Interest.

**Public Interest job types are specific to private nonprofit advocacy, religious, social service, fundraising, community resource, or cause-oriented organizations, as well as labor unions and nonprofit policy analysis and research organizations.

Law Student Services actively works with our students and graduates to find employment in the legal profession throughout the country. If you have questions regarding these statistics or the career counseling services available to our students and graduates through Law Student Services, we encourage you to contact us by email or by phone at (405) 208-5332.

Whether your plans involve practicing at a law firm, clerking for a judge, working in a non-traditional law setting, or pursuing a career outside the legal field, Law Student Services can help you achieve your career goals. Your Symplicity account does not expire after you graduate. You will always have alumni access to a wealth of research and job search tools right on your dashboard.

  • Library & Resource Center
    Law Student Services has practice manuals, books, and resource guides available for you to check out at your convenience.
  • Online Resources
    Law Student Services has access to a host of job databases and research tools to support your job search.

Students should obtain an updated transcript after each grading period. By having your transcript ready, you will be poised to respond to job opportunities rapidly. For most job applications (including On-Campus Recruiting), unofficial transcripts are accepted by employers and are strongly recommended for Symplicity upload instead of official transcripts (which are much harder to read once scanned into electronic format).

*Please note that the University eSCRIP file is incompatible with Symplicity and will corrupt downloaded job application packets. Law Student Services can assist with scanning transcripts for easy Symplicity upload.

Transcript Requests
To request either an official or unofficial transcript from the Academic Services Office, students and graduates may choose either option below:

  1. Submit a transcript request form (available in the ASO, Suite 315) or online.
  2. Prepare a written, signed letter of request and fax to (405) 208-5420 or email Julia Edmoundson in the ASO (scanned into PDF format or photographed and emailed from your phone – must be clearly legible.)

All signatures will be compared with what’s on file in the ASO for identity verification – unsigned requests cannot be processed. Graduate requests for mailing transcripts must be submitted with a valid signature – a simple email request cannot be processed without proper identity verification. All email requests from students must be sent from their school email accounts – requests from personal email accounts cannot be accepted.

Students must pick up their transcripts in person unless they specify in writing that permission is granted to release the document to Law Student Services for Symplicity upload.

Requests for Transcript Uploads into Symplicity
Law Student Services is happy to assist students and graduates who need transcripts scanned into electronic format and uploaded into their Symplicity accounts for job application deadlines. Pre-arrangements must be made with: Carol J. North, Law Student Services Coordinator.

*Please note that graduates must have a Symplicity account from which to retrieve their scanned transcripts, unless they select the eSCRIP option on the request form. The ASO will furnish a secure link to download the transcript from the University server.

For assistance with setting up a Symplicity alumni account, please click here.

Alumni who graduated from December 2004 forward had student accounts in Symplicity that were simply converted to alumni status – you do not need to request a new account. For assistance with accessing your existing account, please click here.

Law Student Services Staff

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Director of Career Development and Student Programming
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Director of Student Success
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Assistant Dean for Student Services
Carol J. North
Law Student Services Coordinator