Welcome and Welcome Back!

Welcome and Welcome Back!

September 20, 2022 |

1Ls congratulations! Welcome to law school! 2Ls, welcome back. I hope that this year provides all the opportunities and experiences that you want for your future legal career. 3Ls, you are in the home stretch—in a blink of an eye, the journey will be over.

As a 2L, everything feels different but oddly nostalgic at the same time. There is the same nervous energy, but a more exciting and energetic vibe that makes coming into this second year fun and less stressful. There is still the overwhelming feeling of balancing home life, work life, and law school, but the established friends and network at OCU that I created last year are making it a lot easier.

1Ls, I hope that your first few weeks have been manageable and that you are even more excited for this new journey. I know that you are probably tired (I needed a nap after day one), but remember that everything is temporary. It is going to feel overwhelming and scary, especially having to choose the best seat in class on the first day (back row in the middle, obviously). You are probably worried about being “cold called,” understanding the cases, and just keeping up with all the classes you’re taking, but you have help and resources. There are tons of people here who want to help you and want you to feel supported, so just reach out.

My 1L Tips:

· READ!!! I promise you the professors can smell it on you when you don’t read. Even if you don’t understand the reading, just try to get it done.

· Make friends!!! I can tell you as a recovering introvert moonlighting as an extrovert (and someone who just got comfortable not talking to people because of COVID), rip the band-aid off and talk to someone! I would have never made it through my first year without the people in my section and the friendships that I made.

· Join Organizations. I absolutely LOVE the organizations that I am a part of, and they allow you to meet students who are 2Ls and 3Ls and could give you some amazing help and advice.

· Most importantly, go to the Fellows sessions. I would have never survived Contracts or Civil Procedure if I hadn’t gone to my Fellows sessions. They are excellent resources that will help you just review the information and potentially give you an extra place to practice your knowledge.

Finally, just have fun and enjoy your time. I know it is stressful and you have doubts, but you’re here for a reason. Remember that you are a smarty-pants and you didn’t just get here by chance. You worked hard, studied, and got in because you deserve to be here. When in doubt, play Beyonce’s “Break My Soul,” cry a little, talk to a friend, and just keep going. You got this!


Lauren Canaan – 2L, Property Fellow, and Mom of 4

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