Good Standing Requirements for Licensed Legal Interns

Refer to Rule 4.2(b)
Once you have been sworn in, from the date of licensure the clock is running and you are immediately responsible for obtaining and reporting your in-court practice experience.

You are required to file a Monthly Activity Report with law school Legal Internship Program Administrator (NOT the Bar Center!). You must use the report form located in Student Services D2L (see attachment to Assignments Folder: LLI Monthly Activity Reports). The form is in Word format so that you can type your entries if you wish, however it will need to be printed out and signed by both you and your supervisor (signatures are required per the Supreme Court Legal Internship Rules).

  • Calculate your total in-court hours after the last working day of each calendar month (NOT on a 30-day cycle from your date of licensure, or the 10th to the 10th please!).
  • The first partial month of activity is always pro-rated based on your date of licensure (meaning NO, you do not need to obtain and report a full 4 hours unless you were licensed on the first day of the month, which rarely happens).
  • Since you are responsible for an equivalent of 4 hours per month, it is sufficient to pro-rate your first report on a basic 1-hour per week standard.
  • Your reports are delinquent if not submitted to the Legal Internship Program Administrator by the 10th of each following month.
  • If no in-court time is obtained, a report must still be signed by your supervising attorney and filed with the law school indicating -0- hours for every month you are on active status (including the first partial month).
  • It is highly recommended that you record all qualifying in-court activity obtained each month, since you are allowed to accumulate hours across the semester or term (with the exception of the restriction set forth in Regulation 2(C) per below).
  • Do not just stop recording your qualifying in-court activity when you reach 4 hours; you may need those ‘extra’ hours later, in order to successfully complete the semester or term requirement!
  • Upload your completed and signed reports in Student Services D2L (Assignments Folder: LLI Monthly Activity Reports).

Note: this reporting requirement is independent of any documentation required by Professor Mitchelson from a student utilizing an intern’s license at an externship placement site – licensed externs must also file intern reports specific to qualifying in-court activity.

In-Court Practice Requirement

Refer to Rule 7.2
A minimum of 4 hours of in-court experience is required per month, every month, as long as your license remains on active status.

  • Please keep this in mind when planning time off to study for finals; sit for finals; spring break; summer vacation; winter break; personal leave; etc.
  • The clock is always running; you may be operating in semester mode, but the Court is not!

Calculating In-Court Practice Hours

Refer to Regulation 2(A)
A certain amount of latitude is given within a semester or term to accumulate your required in-court hours, so if you are short one month you may be able to make it up later, as long as the total for the reporting cycle is equivalent to at least 4 hours per month (taking into consideration the date of licensure and the number of months in the reporting cycle). Please be advised of the following when calculating your total number of in-court hours required per semester or term:

  • Accumulated hours do not carry over between reporting cycles.
  • For the purposes of calculating the total number of in-court hours and confirming eligibility for continued participation in the Legal Internship Program, the end of each semester or term is determined by the academic policies and regulations established by the Law School Registrar for the certification and reporting of academic course completion.

Refer to Regulation 2(C)
Certain stipulations apply to which types of activities qualify as “in-court” practice, as well as how many hours may or may not be accumulated and reported each month.

  • In reference to reporting drafting time, please refer to the restrictions set forth in 4(h) – you are limited as to how many hours may be counted each month so please don’t overlook this and accidentally over-count your qualifying hours.
  • You may not count research time or drafting interoffice memos (general ‘law clerk’ work for which licensure is not required).
  • Non-qualifying hours reported as in-court activity will not be counted toward your semester or term requirement.
  • You will receive a courtesy notification of the adjustment in recorded hours, to assist you in keeping track of your running total for the semester or term.

Compliance With Obtaining and Reporting In-Court Practice Hours

Refer to Rules 4.2(c) and 6.1(c)
Students will be dropped from the Legal Internship Program for failure to meet the in-court practice requirement and comply with the law school’s reporting policy.

  • Students no longer participating in the program are subject to automatic termination of their licenses.
  • To prevent termination and suspend the in-court practice requirement, the license may be placed on inactive status.
  • If you are having difficulty obtaining your hours, please contact the Legal Internship Program Administrator for assistance.

Legal Internship Program Participation

Refer to Rules 6.1(e) and 4.2
You are required to maintain participation in the law school’s Legal Internship Program for each semester in which you are utilizing your license (including the summer term) by timely filing your monthly in-court practice activity reports in Student Services D2L (Assignments Folder: LLI Monthly Activity Reports).

  • If you are no longer working as an LLI under your approved supervising attorney, you are required to notify the Legal Internship Program Administrator of the change in your status and to contact the OBA to place your license on inactive status. Click here for instructions.