Complete the Application Process for a Limited License

Have you fulfilled ALL of the following eligibility requirements?

  • Current student in good academic standing
  • Requisite credit hours and coursework recorded on your transcript
  • Approved law student registration/character & fitness investigation
  • Passing score on the Licensed Legal Internship Examination

Here are the last TWO steps required for certification of your eligibility for limited licensure:

1)  When you have secured a supervising attorney, file your Form 2 with the Oklahoma Bar Association AND with Law Career Services.

  • Please note that the document no longer requires notarization, therefore it may be submitted electronically; you do not need to deliver the original to the Bar Center.

2)  And finally, in order to be certified for licensure you must be enrolled in the law school’s Legal Internship Program (including the summer term).

  • The law school tracks participation via assigning the program a course number and entering it on your transcript, but it is not a class.
  • There is no fee involved.
  • No academic credit is given (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grade only).
  • Enrollment may be accomplished in one of two ways:

a)  Fill out an Add/Drop Form in Academic Services (Suite 315) requesting that you be enrolled in the program for the one appropriate fall or spring semester, or summer term in which you will be licensed.

b) Send a written request via email to Julia Edmoundson in Academic Services requesting that you be enrolled in the program for the one appropriate fall or spring semester, or summer term in which you will be licensed.*

*You MUST send this request through your OCU student email account for identity verification purposes; requests from personal email accounts will be declined with instructions to resubmit from your student account.

Then what happens?

3)  The Legal Internship Program Administrator will issue a letter of certification to the Oklahoma Bar Association that all your eligibility requirements have been satisfied and the law school recommends that you be granted a limited license to practice law in the State of Oklahoma.

4)  The OBA Legal Intern Coordinator will contact you via email regarding your date of licensure.

5)  Both offices will keep you apprised of all the pertinent details surrounding the swearing-in ceremony.