Yovana Lopez Medina, 3L

I am from Oklahoma City, OK and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations and a Minor in Spanish. I am interested in practicing Immigration Law. Eventually, I would like to open my very own law firm. I chose to attend OCU because of how at home the OCU students, staff, and faculty have made me feel from the very first time I walked in for an open house until now. Law School can be very challenging, but at OCU you will find the support, tools, and resources that you will need to be successful.

Here, at OCU I am a part of several organizations. I am the President for the Hispanic Law Student Association, the Secretary for the Immigration Law Student Association, a member of the International Human Rights Organization and a member of the Organization for the Advancement of Women in the Law. I appreciate opportunities that allow me to learn and grow and I hope that I can share my experiences with others so that they can too feel at home and supported at OCU.  One piece of advice that I would give to incoming students is don’t be afraid to reach out! You’ll be surprised how our students, staff, and faculty are readily available to help with whatever it is that you need!