Heather Mishket, 3L

I grew up an Army Brat. I was born in Germany and have lived in Virginia, Hawaii, and Texas. I love to travel. I have had the privilege of visiting 25 states and 12 countries and look forward to seeing many more. I attended the University of Oklahoma for my undergrad where I earned my degree in Political Science with a concentration in Constitutional Studies. I decided to attend OCU Law because everyone I interacted with made me feel so comfortable about my decisions and goals for the future. The atmosphere on campus, the friendliness of my fellow students, and the attention that faculty and staff have shown me really helped solidify that attending OCU Law is one of the best decisions I have made.

Here at OCU Law, I am the volunteer coordinator for the OCU Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, a member of the Student Bar Association, as well as a Merit Scholar. I knew that going into law school would be difficult, especially being far away from family, but the support I have received at OCU Law has shown me that I could not see myself being happy anywhere else.