Garrett Sill, 2L

Because of OCU Law, I have learned that the only limitations I have, are the limitations that I place upon myself. I grew up in Hugo, a small agriculturally driven town in southeastern Oklahoma. Before attending Oklahoma State University, I spent my summers working on a local cattle ranch, and I also exhibited livestock. While at Oklahoma State, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics as well as a Bachelor of Science in Botany to be eligible to take the patent bar. At the end of my undergraduate experience, I began to tour law schools. I was nervous that I would have to find a law school that either focused heavily on ag law or intellectual property law, as the two areas were seemingly diverse but each of which I was passionate. Not only did no other school encourage me to embrace my diverse interests the way that OCU Law did, no other school felt like a place that I wanted to call home or spend countless hours at more than OCU Law. I could not be more thrilled with my decision to attend this law school, and I recommend everyone interested in legal education to experience what OCU can mean to them. I currently serve as the Class of 2021 Secretary, the Federal Bar Association Student Division VP of Communications, and the Phi Delta Phi Exchequer. Through my involvement outside of the classroom, I have not only had the opportunity to begin my professional network, but I have also learned how to juggle life, law school, and organizations that count on you. My time at OCU Law has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and shown me just how many opportunities are available if you just open your eyes and strive to be the best that you can be. I encourage you to call OCU home so that you too can have this once in a lifetime experience.