Amanda Cochran-McCall

When Amanda Cochran-McCall started her legal education at the OCU Law School, she had no idea she would enter a life of public service. An internship at the Texas Attorney General’s office as a 3L set her on a journey to practice would could be described as law practice as its purest, pursuing what is right.

She ended up leading that division and represents the State of Texas and its officials in the state’s litigation. Jury trials, bench trials, and appellate arguments are part of her day-to-day. It is fast paced, challenging and always interesting.

Her education and experience at OCU Law allowed her to step directly into a leadership role from day one as a new assistant attorney general.

“I cannot describe the immense pride I felt the first time I stood up in court and announced for the record my name and that I was there for Texas.

I did not expect to be able to contribute on some of our biggest cases so early in my career. With less than five years of practice, I convinced my chief to add me as a core litigation team member in the longest civil bench trial—over 20 weeks—in Travis County history concerning Texas’s school finance system. We ultimately won that case.”

The various agencies she’s worked with over the years have given her a better understanding of what motivates her, and ultimately it makes her a better attorney and counselor for clients.

“I like that I get to make a difference, even when it’s in small ways. Whether coaching a young lawyer, working through a novel legal problem, or guiding a state leader through a hard decision, I go home each day knowing that my efforts mattered.”