Mick McCarthy

Mick McCarthy ’99, already had a successful career as an engineer. But this active, energetic professional was searching for a new way to challenge himself. He didn’t have to look any further than his father, Bill McCarthy ’72, a successful patent attorney. Inspired by this, he applied to his father’s alma mater, OCU Law School, and began his second career as a patent attorney. “My work involves a wonderfully challenging blend of technology and law,” he says.

“I’m a patent attorney, meaning that in addition to passing the Oklahoma bar exam, I also passed a federal bar exam to obtain my license to represent clients seeking patent protection for their inventions from the federal government via its United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“A good portion of my time is spent doing that, preparing patent applications and prosecuting them through the administrative process by which they become issued patents. I also spend a good portion of my time enforcing my clients’ patent rights, be it through licensing negotiations and/or litigation. In addition to patent work, I also obtain and enforce my clients’ rights in other bodies of law including trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection.

“I’ve worked as a patent attorney for small firms, for large firms, for my own firm, and as corporate in-house counsel. I was a better patent attorney on day one because I was already an experienced engineer.”

Now, the McCarthy Legacy at OCU Law lives on through not two, but three generations. “I’m really proud of the established legacy for the practice of law in my family. My father was the greatest mentor a guy could hope for. My fondest memories of him involve us working on challenging cases together, but it was a great day when my twin daughters told me they had decided to go to law school. Now they and their husbands all practice law in the Oklahoma City area. I like that the legacy lives on.”