Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Updates

The Law School administration, working in close partnership with the University, is closely monitoring the unfolding situation relating to COVID-19 (coronavirus). As you know, the situation is rapidly developing so it is critical that you regularly check back to this page and the Oklahoma City University COVID-19 website for further updates. Due to the heavy volume of questions, we are asking that questions regarding our plans during the period be submitted to Course-specific questions should still be directed to your faculty member.



All courses have now been converted to online delivery.  Law Technology Services is continuing to field requests for help from students and faculty:  Student Services, Career Services, Academic Services, and Academic Achievement are all still available as usual.  Please contact them by email or phone.

All courses this semester will be graded on a Credit/No-Credit basis.  Class ranks and GPAs will carry forward from the end of the Fall 2019 semester.  Exams will be taken online through the usual ExamSoft software.  Students who have not used ExamSoft in the past should check with Law Technology Services as soon as possible to see if their equipment meets the requirements of the software.

More information about grading, exams, and other matters will be forthcoming.

Building and Campus Access

This closure allows for a period of social distance, which will help slow the spread of COVID-19.

  • Beginning, Sunday, March 15, Visitors and outside guests are prohibited. This includes family members, guest speakers, friends, etc. Student fobs will be disabled.

Faculty and staff, please let the Dean’s Office know in advance if you have any students visiting during this time. Call 405-208-5440.

  • March 21 – May 17th – Students will not have access to the building.


D2L Discussion Board

Going forward, we will continue to send emails, but we will also post updates in the Law Registrar D2L page. We have also set up a discussion forum in detail – COVID-19, with topics for you to post your questions and share resources. Click here for Selfcare tips for students.

Zoom FAQ

  1. Poor Internet Access:  Every zoom meeting invitation includes dial-in instructions (for a phone).  If you dial in, you can hear but not see.  We are asking faculty to be conscious of that, and also to send slides or other visual aids by email in advance if possible.
  2. Login issues:  If you get an SSO error, you will have to “clear your cache” and log back in. You may also try using a different browser, e.g. Firefox.
  3. Attendance:  Zoom automatically records attendance if you are on the line.
  4. Turn your mic off when you aren’t talking, and consider using headphones to listen more easily.
  5. If you have technical problems, contact Law Tech Services (  They are more likely to know the answer than your professor.

Zoom and Video Conference Etiquette

Please remember that when you are using these tools that others can often see or hear you in the background. Please mute your device if you are not speaking. When you are participating online, please do not carry your phone or camera around as you do other things, particularly things that you would not do while physically present in a classroom.


  • All events scheduled between March 15 – May 17th have either been postponed or canceled.
  • Furthermore, no additional internal or external events will be added to the calendar without prior approval of Dean Roth for the remainder of the semester. This applies to student group events.


At this time, we do not anticipate changes to the graduation ceremony. We will continue to monitor the situation, develop back-up plans and work with the 3L class if changes are necessary.

Student Organization Events

All events, meetings, and activities being sponsored or hosted by OCU Law Student Organizations or students, or otherwise supported by Student Bar Association funds, are not permitted during the University mandated social distancing period. This restriction applies whether or not the event is happening at the law school. All student meetings that were scheduled during this period, both on and off-campus, should be canceled or postponed immediately by the respective student organization or student(s).

Events, meetings, and activities that are scheduled to occur after April 5, 2020, will proceed as usual unless otherwise notified by our office, Dean Roth, or the University.

Student Support Services

Law school services will still be available during this time, though the delivery of services will be modified. During the week of Spring Break (March 15 – 21) students will have limited access to the law school building and will only be allowed to enter the building if they have an appointment set with a designated faculty or staff member. No outside guests, family members or friends will be permitted inside the building.

Beginning March 22nd through May 17th, students will not have access to the building. If there is a faculty or staff member that you need to connect with, please contact that person or department directly and they will work with you to offer a flexible option to connect with you e.g. Zoom conference, phone conference, e-mail, etc.

OCU Law Food Pantry

If you need access to the food pantry or items in the food pantry during this time, please contact Law Student Services at

Library Services

Many library services will continue to be available online. Please watch your emails for more guidance about using library services remotely and available resources to assist you with your classes.

Staff and Services

At this time, staff will continue to have access to the building and are expected to maintain normal business hours and be available as usual. Student Services, Technology Services, Academic Achievement, and Academic Services are still here and ready to assist you. The only difference is communication with staff members will be conducted by phone, email, or other telecommunication services. However, the university is applying a flexible leave policy. Staff must coordinate all additional leave or request to work remotely, first with your supervisor, subject to approval from Dean Roth.

Student Workers

Please coordinate with your supervisor to determine if you can work on projects remotely during this period.