Hispanic Law Student Association


OCU LAW’S Hispanic Law Student Association is a branch of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA), an incorporated, non-profit, national association representing the interest of over 33,000 U.S. Hispanic attorneys, judges, law professors, legal professionals, legal assistants or paralegals, and law students in the United States. The mission of HLSA and HNBA is to improve the study, practice, and administration of justice for all by ensuring the meaningful participation of U.S. Hispanics in the legal profession.


Our activities range from community service to hosting debates and speakers to social activities. In the past we have volunteered at the Oklahoma City Catholic Charities Immigration Department and the Latino Community Development Agency. We have had the opportunity to hear from prominent Latinos in the legal community such as the Honorable Tenth Circuit Judge Lucero and District Attorney Carlos Valdes, who was involved in the Selena Quintanilla trial. These speakers have given us the needed guidance and direction that young professionals need and we will be welcoming more in the coming year.

During the 2006/2007 school year, the Hispanic Law Student Association was responsible for bringing back to OCU LAW Assistant General Counsel to WAL-MART, Norma Garcia.  Additionally, HLSA organized an Immigration Symposium that included panelists: Shirley Cox for Catholic Charities Immigration Advocacy, Michael Brooks-Jimenez, Carol Helm (I.R.O.N.), and David Yeagley for the Minutemen organization.  This event proved to be a great success in informing the community of the legal issues and the impact of immigration on our community.  Thanks to our faculty advisor, Professor Spiropolous, the event was well moderated and the outcome was a fair, balanced, reasonable discussion of a very delicate topic for many Latinos.

Next semester, HLSA’s agenda includes attending the HNBA National Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico October 3 -7.  This will be a great opportunity to meet fellow peers from all across the country as well as an excellent networking opportunity.

Though our number one goal is to work hard and do well in law school, we have managed to balance our lives enough to give back to the community and have fun.