Essay Preparation

Every state bar exam includes essay questions similar to law school final exams.  However, most states only allow 30 minutes to answer questions students answered in 45 minutes to an hour in law school.  Bar exam essay questions require modifications to writing skills learned in law school, so the Department of Academic Achievement created a specialized program for writing bar exam essays.

The first component of our essay training begins the last semester of law school.  During students’ final semester, we highly encourage enrolling in Advanced Bar Studies, a 2 credit-hour course designed to improve essay writing skills.  The course is NOT a substitute for commercial bar review courses or the voluntary Conquer the Bar MBE program.  Advanced Bar Studies mainly focuses on essay writing by utilizing multiple different techniques for learning.  Students will hear lectures, practice numerous essay questions, evaluate exam answers, and continually re-write their own responses.  The multiple teaching strategies help solidify the skills needed to Conquer the Bar!

The second component of essay preparation is practice exams.  After the first 4 weeks of bar review, the Department holds approximately 5 Oklahoma practice essay exams at the law school, and we email practice exams to all the out-of-state examinees.  All of the Oklahoma exams and the majority of the out-of state- exams are actual bar exam questions from that jurisdiction.  Each student who completes an exam receives individualized feedback through either face-to-face meetings or an email with comments on the answer.  The focus is to both continually learn the law required and practice the special essay writing techniques.  Continued practice generally helps students reach their maximum potential on the exam.

The last way to prepare for the essay portion of the exam is individual practice.  We encourage students to write out at least 1 exam answer each time he/she studies a subject.  We will also provide feedback on those answers as well.  The following is a list of places to find bar exam questions to practice for different jurisdictions:

Oklahoma Bar Examination Questions

The questions below have been posted with the kind permission of the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners.

Oklahoma essay questions from 1987 to the present are available in the OCU Law Library at #KFO1276 .O52 (Oklahoma Collection, SE 2nd Floor).

Links for essay questions provided by other jurisdictions can be found HERE.