Lab Monitor

If you would like to send an email to your fellow lab monitors, email

Wireless configuration

Occasionally this script won’t successfully setup the wireless network account. A majority of the time this is because they are running a non updated version of Windows XP that doesn’t have support for WPA2.  This is fixed by downloading and installing a hotfix from Microsoft. You also want to make sure that windows is managing the wireless connections and not some other wifi tool.

Print Script

Students are able to print to four of our printers from their laptops. We have an automated script that will be available on a website and thumb drives to run.


Email Setup

Note: Most cell phones need to be configured as an IMAP connection. Setting up an iPhone with an Exchange connection will not work.

Software Installation

All OCU programs can be found at

OS Installation


We have two operating systems available for install. Windows Vista and Windows 7. Before installing either one of these make 200% sure that the students data is backed up and they are aware of the risks involved with a drive format.

Driver Installation


After a fresh install of an OS, most of the time several drivers are missing. Going into device manager will let you know what drivers are missing and need to be installed. If the student didn’t bring in the CD for the drivers, the quickest way to install them is to go to the manufacture website and search for the model number computer you’re installing the drivers on. First driver that I always install is the Ethernet driver, so I can actually finish the driver downloads on the machine I’m working on.

Boot Camp

Mac students need Windows XP installed on a partition of their drive to run exam soft.

Straighten up labs

It’s important to keep our labs clear of litter, trash, and clutter.  Once an hour a sweep needs to be made of both labs (Sarkeys/Goldstar) to ensure that all loose paper is picked up, chairs are pushed in, and keyboards are straightened.  When making a sweep take a ream of paper to Sarkeys to make sure that they have paper at all times.