Murrah Student Association


President: Samantha Oard
Vice-President: Dana Ashcraft
Secretary: Kayla Townsend
Public Relations: Chelsea Stout
Treasurer: Sydney Nelson
Historian: Jonathan Samuel
SBA Representatives: Leilah Naifeh, Pa’Shence Young


Faculty Advisors

Professor Marc Blitz
Professor Robert Gifford


Mission Statement

Our student-led organization is focused on educating and enabling our members to enter into a wide array of fields pertaining to national security. In order to mold our members into leaders, we encourage participation in the community to further our school and city. MSA is the active arm of the Judge Alfred P. Murrah Center for Homeland Security Law and Policy. MSA provides a fraternity for networking, personal development, and events to help individuals interested in national security. MSA encompasses a wide range of interests in the field of law to include: homeland security, national security, international security, military law, cyber security, and counter-terrorism.


Officer Duties

The President is responsible for being the face of the organization and should be able to organize events in conjunction with other organizations. He or she is responsible for establishing the standards and plans for the organization. The President should plan the dates of events and distribute the tasks evenly.


The Vice-president is responsible for aiding the president in achieving the organization’s goals and at times must act on the president’s behalf and at times take the lead on events. The VP should also manage sign-ups and room reservations. The vice-president should be responsible for at least one project, from creation to completion.

The public relations representative is the liaison outside of the school. He or she manages advertisement, ensures there is an active line of communication with alumni, donors, and professional connections. This is achieved by updating the roster’s information, sending birthday cards (digital or physical), constructing and distributing end-of-semester newsletter, and holding at least one social function a year.




The treasurer is the purse of the organization. He or she must at all times be organized and accountable. An up-to-date record of funds available to the organization is critical for the mobility of the organization. A monthly amount should be reported to the officers routinely. The treasurer in conjunction with the president must process refunds, submit budget requests, and pay for or purchase things such as: supplies, food, tickets, hotel rooms and/or honorariums for speakers.

The historian is the scribe of the organization. He or she is responsible for producing and/or collecting photo, video, and other materials at events to catalog for future reference and use in publishing and advertisement. Additionally, the historian is responsible for writing or retrieving assigned writings that are at least one paragraph describing each event. This is also used in publishing and records to advertise outside the organization and to give future organization members insight to past activities.
It is good practice to have two representatives in this position. SBA representatives act as the Liaisons specifically to the SBA townhall meetings. They will make announcements and requests on behalf of the organization (sometimes another officer may do this). They will also vote on issues for their organization. They are responsible for taking notes at these meetings and submitting them to the Secretary upon completion so that the information can be properly distributed. SBA Representatives are usually 1Ls and this is the only position students run for the year of office (whereas other offices should be voted on at the end of the previous school year). These individuals are usually motivated to be officers and should be assigned to help in various roles to help them better serve the organization.

Annual Events

JAG week
Halloween dodgeball
Veteran’s day brunch
Annual review of national security law – Washington, D.C.
National security legal research course
Emergency response training
Homeland security summit
Cyber security conference