Alumni Awards Nomination Form

Nominations are made in the fall and spring and finalists will be selected by the Law Alumni Association Board. The finalists will submitted to Dean Jim Roth for his consideration and selection of the award recipients. The awards will be presented by the Dean during the fall.

To submit a nomination, please complete each section of the form below. The nominee should be available to participate and speak at the annual Alumni and Awards Reception (date and schedule TBA). 

Law Firm – Mark of Distinction Award

This honor is awarded to a law firm who has a history of (a) hiring OCU Law alumni, (b) serving or mentoring OCU Law students, (c) participating in externship programs for OCU Law students, or (d) contributes monetarily or otherwise to the success of the Oklahoma City University School of Law. The recipient firm has attained prominence in the community through support of its worthy endeavors in education, government or accomplishments impressive to the citizens of Oklahoma.

Community Service Award

This award is bestowed upon an individual or organization whose service has made a substantive and positive community impact and is committed to the common good through service to the community or dedication to education. In addition, the recipient has exhibited significant advancement in the area of public service and has demonstrated a sustained interest in the law school over a significant number of years.

Outstanding Young Alumnus Award

This award honors a younger alumnus with significant achievements at an early stage of his/her career (1-10 years out of school or by age 35) in the practice of law, the judiciary, public service, government, education, business, or commerce.

Distinguished Law Alumnus Award

This award honors a prominent alumnus who has an exceptional career record and who has achieved distinction through contributions to the legal profession on an international, national, state, or community level. The recipient is someone who has performed outstanding public service throughout his or her career as an attorney. Relevant contribution(s) may occur in a single year or over a span of years preferably extending in the year of selection.

Justice Marian P. Opala Award for Lifetime Achievement in Law

This award is named in honor of Justice Marian P. Opala, a 1953 graduate of Oklahoma City University School of Law who served on the Supreme Court of Oklahoma for 32 years. This award was created to honor an attorney whose career, personal achievements and contributions to Oklahoma City University School of Law and society have distinguished him/her as a pillar of the legal community and who has reached or maintained a level of career excellence over his/her lifetime.

Please submit a separate form for each nominee.

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