Post-JD Application Process for Limited License After Graduation

Oklahoma’s Licensed Legal Intern Program is designed to provide supervised practical skills training in trial advocacy and professional ethics to law students and to law graduates who have applied to take the first Oklahoma bar examination after graduation.

Eligibility Requirements

1)  Successful completion of all requirements for graduation

  • The Law Registrar will confer the JD degree on the graduate’s transcript following the posting of final grades
  • The law school will furnish certification to the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners that the graduate has completed all JD requirements and is eligible to sit for the bar examination

2)  Approved registration with the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners for the first available bar examination following graduation

  • The OKBBE will furnish confirmation of the graduate’s eligibility for a Limited License to the OBA Legal Intern Coordinator

3)  Approved supervising attorney

4)  Submission of applicable forms and fees to the Oklahoma Bar Association

  • Online Graduate application forms (PDFs with enterable fields) are located here.
  • Graduates are required to attest to a thorough review of the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma on Legal Internship located here.
  • Graduates are encouraged to contact the Legal Internship Program Administrator for assistance with the “certification of graduation” requirement per Form 4 (Item 3)
  • Do NOT request a letter from the Law Registrar, the Bar does not accept it
  • A final, degree-conferred official transcript is what the Bar requires (prior to the application deadline)

Application Deadlines

Application deadline for February bar takers: fourth Friday in January
Application deadline for July bar takers: fourth Friday in June

Critical Timelines

Licensed Legal Interns MUST sit for the first available Oklahoma bar examination after graduation

  • There is no provision in the Supreme Court Rulebook for deferring the bar exam to the next exam cycle
  • Failure of a Licensed Legal Intern to take the bar exam shall result in automatic termination of the Limited License

Graduates MUST be sworn in prior to sitting for the bar examination.

  • There is no provision in the Supreme Court Rulebook for obtaining a Limited License after taking the bar exam