Oklahoma Licensed Legal Intern Program Guide

The following is a step-by-step procedural checklist for obtaining, utilizing and maintaining a Limited License. These processes and procedures are mandated by Supreme Court statute – please review carefully and thoroughly, thank you.

1) Eligibility Requirements for a Limited License

2) Law Student Registration with the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners

3) MPRE Information (Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination)

4) Begin the Application Process to sit for the Legal Internship Examination (Supreme Court Rulebook & Application Forms!)

5) Annual Examination Schedule and Application Deadlines (When and Where!)

6) How to Prepare for the Legal Internship Examination

7) Complete the Application Process for a Limited License

8) Good Standing Requirements for a Licensed Legal Intern

9) Inactive Status Instructions for a Limited License

10) Reactivation Status Instructions for a Limited License

11) Post-JD Requirements for a Graduated Licensed Legal Intern

12) Post-JD Application Process for a Limited License After Graduation

Questions may be directed to:

Carol J. North, Legal Internship Program Administrator

To request a Licensed Legal Intern Program appointment:

Log into Symplicity

  • Click on Appointment Scheduler in the main navigation bar
  • Open the Counseling Appointments tab
  • Click on New Appointment and follow the prompts
  • Counselor: Carol North, Legal Internship Program Administrator
  • Appointment Type: Licensed Legal Intern Program

Counseling appointments can also be requested via phone, email or drop-in assistance at Law Career Services, Suite 330.