Organization for the Advancement of Women in Law (OAWL)

Organization for the Advancement of Women in the Law

Officer/Exec Positions and Duties 


  • Attend Officer Meetings (1 u/e absence per semester)
  • Attend General Meetings (1 u/e absence per semester)
  • Must coordinate/help coordinate 1 non-meeting event per school year
  • Attend all events

President, Christine Bird

  • Schedule Monthly Officer Meetings
  • Schedule Monthly General Meetings
  • Administrative Liaison
  • SBA Meetings and Issues

Vice President of Internal, Lizzie Young

  • Support Vice-Chair of Communications, Vice Chair of Finance, Vice-Chair of Social, and SBA Representative

Vice-Chair of Communications

  • Maintain Campus Website
  • Liaison to SBA Technology
  • Responsible for Social Media Presence
  • Minutes at all Meetings
  • Publicity for Events/Meetings
  • Membership Database

Vice-Chair of Finance

  • Accounts
  • Dues
  • Financial Database

Vice-Chair of Social

  • 1-2 Social Events Per Semester
  • Publicity

SBA Representatives

  • Attend SBA Meetings
  • Email President and VPs Summary of Meeting

Vice President of External, Emma Payne

  • Support Vice-Chair of Community Relations, Vice-Chair of Service and Vice-Chair of Technology

Vice Chair of Community Relations

  • 1-2 Networking Events Per Semester
  • Publicity

Vice Chair of Service

  • 1 Community Service Event Per Semester
  • Publicity


Tentative Calendar of Events

FALL 2014


August:1L Student Organization Fair- 8/12, 4pm

General Meeting- 8/27, 1pm

January:Welcome Back Social

Etiquette Dinner

General Meeting-

September:Welcome Back at Wine and Pallet

Domestic Violence Awareness Week

Self-Defense Class

General Meeting

February:Women In Law Summit

Ban Bossy Summit at OSSM

General Meeting

October:Social at Rolls/Peoples Residence

Civil Rights Act 50th Anniversary Week

Community Service Event

General Meeting

March:Networking Event

General Meeting

November:Networking Event with OBA

General Meeting


Finals Prep Snacks

General Meeting

December:General Meeting

Finals Prep Snacks

May:General Meeting/Officer Elections