J. William Conger Courtroom


Here are a few of our favorite quotes from Bill, along with a few quotes about him.
All in all, no regrets. No regrets. I’ve loved my life with Sherry and my girls and my family and my friends. I’ve loved those lazy sunny days at Grand Lake. I’ve loved those trips with my buddies to hear the blues festivals in the South. I’ve loved that time when Heritage Hall was in its infancy and we were trying to shepherd it to be the place we all dreamed it would be. I loved being a lawyer and a teacher. No regrets.”

-Tom McDaniel story

I’m just cogitating.”

-Bill King story

Here’s how we’re going to win the case: I’m going to have this mouse autopsied.”

-Drew Neville story

And to think, I could have had Art LeFrancois introduce me.”

-Art LeFrancois story

Bill Conger was a blind printer. Somehow, he failed to see the stereotype; he went to the other ‘sorts’ who could complete the text.”

-Paula Dalley story

I didn’t know whether I was asking too much of them to actually put them in a trial setting where they played the roles of lawyers, they played the roles of witnesses, and they did it, and they did an outstanding job.”

-Lee Peoples story

Plus, when students are not prepared, it hurts my feelings.”

-Emma V. Rolls story

The Conger Rehash.”

-Dean Valerie Couch story

Hell Morgan, another three hours with just us and a group of crazy young trial lawyers! What could be better than this?”

-Daniel J. Morgan story

….(H)e was truly an honorable man, an ethical man, a man that you could talk to, and when you did, he would look you in the eyes, and you knew he was telling you the truth.”

-James Judd story