Summer Start

Law speaking

The summer start program enables students to begin their legal education in late May, rather than waiting for the fall semester after admission. Students get a head start on their legal studies and begin making the professional connections that will assist with their development as lawyers and employment opportunities. The summer start program is ideal for students who want to maintain the momentum from their undergraduate studies, rather than taking a break for several months after graduation. It’s also appealing to non-traditional students who are returning to the classroom after a break for employment, military service, or other life experiences. The summer start program allows these students to reenter an academic environment on a more limited basis, before undertaking a full course load.

The summer start program consists of two classes, Legal Analysis and Criminal Law. Legal Analysis is a one-credit, pass/fail class that all first-year students are required to take. Students are introduced to the nature and process of legal reasoning, including common law analysis and statutory interpretation. In Criminal Law, students study selected crimes, defenses, and doctrines, as well as the historical, moral, and social forces at work in the criminal law. Students take a traditional law school final exam at the end of this course.

The summer start program is designed as an introduction to the Oklahoma City and state legal communities, too. Students hear oral arguments at state appellate courts and tour the Oklahoma Judicial Center, observe legal proceedings at the federal courthouse, visit local law firms, and meet judges and lawyers involved in the criminal justice system. We make sure that you see the law in action as well as study it.

Summer start students begin the fall semester classes with four hours of law school credit and a first-hand familiarity with the law school, law school academics, and the legal community. Summer start students form particularly close bonds with each other, the faculty, staff, and administration as the pace of law school life eases a bit during the summer. Fewer students are at the law school than during the regular school year, so law library services, the faculty, and academic support services are more accessible. Scholarships are available for the summer start program.

For more information about the Summer Start Program, please contact or call 405.208.5354.