Graduate Access to Symplicity

I am a recent OCU law graduate – do I have a Symplicity account?

  • Alumni who graduated from December 2004 forward had student accounts in Symplicity that were converted to alumni status; you do not need to request a new account.
  • To request assistance with accessing your existing account, please click here.

I am not a recent OCU law graduate – how do I request a Symplicity account?

  • Alumni who graduated prior to December 2004 did not have student accounts in Symplicity.
  • To submit your request to the PCDC for an alumni account, please click here.

I set up an alumni account but do not remember my password – how do I request a password?

  • Use the Forgot Password utility on the main login page to submit your Username. A new password will be auto-generated and emailed to you.
  • To request assistance with resetting your Username, please click here.

I did not graduate from OCU – can I request an OCU Symplicity account to view the job listings?

  • Non-OCU law graduates must contact their law school career development offices for a reciprocity request on their behalf (approved recipients will receive login instructions from the PCDC).

Questions?  Contact Carol J. North, CSM Administrator.