Law School Launches Summer Start Program

May 29, 2013

Brook Arbeitman
Director of Marketing and Communications
Oklahoma City University School of Law
(405) 208-6300

(OKLAHOMA CITY – May 29, 2013) – Oklahoma City University School of Law begins an innovative Summer Start Program this week designed to give students a jump start on their law degree. Whether transitioning to law school directly from their undergraduate institution or easing back into school after a break, students participating in the Summer Start Program will be experienced law students when their full first year coursework begins in August.

“This program is designed to provide students who are able to move and get settled, the opportunity to jump right into their legal studies, while also receiving an introduction to the Oklahoma City legal community,” said Laurie W. Jones, Associate Dean for Admissions. “It is a valuable experience for the students participating, and it will enhance the educational experience for all students in the fall.”

The School of Law has 22 students enrolled in the Summer Start Program hailing from Virginia, Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. This number of students is ideal for interesting class discussions, while still being small enough for individualized attention.

Summer Start students began taking Legal Analysis and Criminal Law this week, both are required courses for every law student at Oklahoma City University School of Law. Legal Analysis is an introduction to the law where students learn to brief cases, read statutes, and analyze and interpret the law – skills that are explored further in their doctrinal Criminal Law class. Students will attend class Monday through Thursday between now and July 18, 2013. The Summer Start Program will culminate with a final exam on July 25 allowing participants to have a short break before the fall semester begins August 12.

In addition to the skills, theory and doctrine that will be explored during their coursework, students will have the opportunity to see the legal process at work through a number of off campus activities. Students will observe a federal criminal procedure at the federal courthouse and will visit with the United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma, U.S. Marshals, a federal judge and the federal court clerk.

They will also watch oral arguments at the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. Chief Judge Davis Lewis has graciously offered to give the students a tour of the Judicial Center as part of their visit.

Finally, the Oklahoma City firm of Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville will give the students a tour of the firm and attorneys will meet with them to discuss the legal profession and answer any questions.

This is the first time Oklahoma City University School of Law has offered a Summer Start Program.


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