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The Candidacy Process and Write-on Competition

Spring Semester Candidates

At the end of the fall semester of the 1L year, those in the top 25% of the class will be invited to enter the candidacy process for the Law Review by writing a case comment.  After the second semester of the 1L year, those in the top 10% of the class will automatically be invited to become Law Review members, and those who wrote acceptable comments will be invited to become Law Review members.  Candidates do not know their class rank until after the case comment deadline; therefore, it is strongly recommended that, if eligible, candidates write a case comment.

Fall Semester Candidates

Those who did not previously receive an invitation for candidacy but who then rose to the top 25% in their 1L spring semester (or not previously invited and are in the top 50% and earned a CALI in Legal Research & Writing upon referral by the professor for candidacy) will be invited to enter the candidacy process of writing a case comment for membership consideration.


All Law Review members perform Technical Checks on articles scheduled to be published in  upcoming issues of the Law Review.  Members do not receive credit hours for being on Law Review, but participation will appear on their transcripts.  First-year members also have the opportunity to write a Note, which fulfills the writing requirement for graduation and is considered in the Board of Editors application process. During the second year on Law Review, Law Review members may also perform macro edits and proofreading in preparing  issues for final publication.

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