Our Mission & Values


The mission of Oklahoma City University School of Law is to prepare students to become responsible professionals through a rigorous program of instruction that focuses on students’ intellectual and professional development and enables them to become leaders in law, business, government, and civic life; and to contribute to the improvement of law and legal institutions through research and scholarship.


To ensure the accomplishment of this mission, Oklahoma City University School of Law is guided by six core beliefs and values:

  1. Academic Excellence;
  2. Personal and Intensive Attention;
  3. Professionalism;
  4. Service to the Legal Community;
  5. Diversity of Experience and Viewpoint; and
  6. Student Success and Welfare.

These beliefs and values are manifested through:

  1. A rigorous academic program providing a foundation in legal concepts, an understanding of the various intellectual disciplines relevant to law and its place in society, and training in professional skills, values, and work habits;
  2. Special curricular offerings providing extended opportunities to explore select areas of the law in greater depth;
  3. A variety of programs bringing together students, faculty, and members of the legal community to advance knowledge of the law, legal process, and the legal system;
  4. Extracurricular programs encouraging students to develop leadership, professional, and other skills; and
  5. Faculty development activities encouraging research and scholarship contributing to the improvement of the law and the legal system.
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