Professor Danne L. Johnson




Danne Johnson


  • Civil Procedure
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Securities Regulation
  • Securities Litigation and Enforcement
  • American Legal History

B.A., University of Pennsylvania

J.D., George Washington University


The Constance Baker Motley
Professor of Law

Winner of the Class of 2012’s Award for Best Mentor
Winner of the 2011 Student Choice Awards: Best Mentor and Favorite Over-All Professor

Professor Johnson worked for six years at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the Division of Enforcement in New York City. She served as a staff attorney, senior counsel, and finally as a branch chief. In the latter role, she trained, supervised, and guided attorneys who were investigating possible violations of federal securities laws.

In 2000, she moved to Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., while in the Mutual Fund Unit she focused on the registration of the Met Series Fund and life products, and mutual fund governance. She later moved to the Variable Products Unit and concentrated on the development and registration of variable annuity products. Meanwhile, she served on the New York Urban League’s Manhattan Advisory Board of Directors and chaired the board of directors for The Miracle Makers, Inc., New York’s largest day-care provider. Professor Johnson was an arbitrator with the National Association of Securities Dealers Dispute Resolution.

Professor Johnson joined the Oklahoma City University School of Law faculty in 2003.

Areas of Expertise:
  • SEC Enforcement and Litigation
  • Federal Securities Laws
  • Civil Procedure
Areas of Interest:
  • Nonprofit Law and Development
  • Corporate Governance
  • Race and Societal Development
  • Feminism and Gender
  • Genocide and Population Control
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Other Publications:


  • Why I Teach?, XIV The Law Teacher 1, 16 (Fall 2006)

Books of Interest, Association of American Law Schools
Section on Civil Procedure Fall 2003 Newsletter

Media Coverage:

Quoted in:

September 15, 2004
“Fleming joins ex-suppliers in settlement; Actions totaled $1 million”
The Daily Oklahoman, article by Paul Monies, Business Writer

July 8, 2004
Enron indictment shouldn’t affect Oklahoma
The Oklahoman, article by Adam Wilmoth, Business Writer

November 8, 2003
“Eateries reveals plan to go private”
The Oklahoman, article by Paul Monies, Business Writer

Contributed to:

July 20, 2004
Funds Battled Market Timing
The Boston Globe, article by Andrew Caffrey, Globe Staff

Speaking Engagements:
  • OCU School of Law Faculty Colloquium, January 2011, I conducted a faculty colloquium on my article entitled New Century Freedom for the Freedmen.
  • Sex” in the Classroom: Teaching Gender as a Core Value, moderator, January 2011.  The panel addressed methods and the importance of  incorporating discussions and lessons about gender into core law school courses is important to excellent classroom teaching.
  • LatCrit XV The Color of the Economic Crisis, panel organizer and panelist, October 9, 2010, Denver, CO.  Remarks addressed government bailouts for lifeline nonprofits as a part of the panel entitled “What Happens to the Least Among Us? The Economic Crisis’ Impact on Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Community Redevelopment.”
  • OCU School of Law Faculty Colloquium, September 2010, I conducted a faculty colloquium on my article entitled Untwisting Nonprofits in the Economic Crisis.  I utilized the comments of the faculty and my peers to strengthen the article.
  • AALS Section on Women in Legal Education, presenter, June 2008, Conference for New Law Teachers, Washington, D.C.  Remarks were published in the AALS Section on Women in Legal Education Annual Newsletter (Sept. 2008).
  • OCU School of Law Faculty Colloquium, April 2008, I conducted a faculty colloquium on my article entitled Caring Enough for Nonprofits to Say No to Sarbanes Oxley: Meaningful Reform for Nonprofits in a Post Sarbanes Oxley World retitled and published as Seeking Meaningful Reform in a Post Sarbanes-Oxley World.  I utilized the comments of the faculty and my peers to strengthen the article.
  • Affirmative Action Under Attack, panelist, March 2008, Oklahoma City University School of Law
  • Perspectives on the Teresa Lee Hernandez case, panelist, (Whether a woman, addicted to methamphetamine, who delivers a stillborn should be charged with First or Second degree murder?), October 2007, Oklahoma City University School of Law
  • Third World and International Law Conference, presenter, April 2007, Albany Law School, Comments addressed the status of “industrialized” women, particularly U.S. women, over the last 30 years in an effort to track their development with respect to the United Nations’ Critical Areas of Concern of Women Watch.
  • Corporate Influence on US Policy, panelist, February 2007, Oklahoma City University School of Law
  • Entrance into the Legal Profession, presenter, December 2006, Dove Science Academy, Oklahoma City, OK
  • The Cultural Compass Conference, panelist, November 2006, Oklahoma City University
Professional Development:


Here we are at the lunch interview. You, dressed in a single breasted navy blue suit, similar to mine. You order the roasted free range chicken breast (it comes with rice and baby carrots) and an iced tea. I think, “good choice, not too fussy, neat and easy to eat.” I have in my hand your resume, a single sheet, printed on 24lb. ivory parchment paper, but of course I would rather talk than read your resume.

Things were going well for you until I got to the talking part…What shall we talk about?

This is where the benefits of a broad liberal arts education and reading a good newspaper come into play. If you have invested in your personal development this is where it will pay off.

Your personal growth can translate into client development and professional fulfillment.

The world is a vast place and you should attempt to broaden your horizons. You should be versed in history (not just US history), art, music, literature, politics, current events, and popular culture, among other topics. Armed with knowledge in these areas you will be able to have small talk with most people and a pleasant conversation with many.