Oklahoma City University School of Law and the Department of Academic Achievement are committed to providing you all the resources needed to be successful in law school, on the bar exam, and in your future career.

Foundational Skills Workshop

Foundational Skills Workshops are offered in the fall semester and focuses on study skills each student needs to be successful in class and on final exams.  These programs are developed and presented weekly by professional staff members. CLICK HERE for more.


You can find publications written or produced by the staff of Academic Achievement, including a newsletter that summarizes the accomplishments of students and alumni who take advantage of the Conquer the Bar and Study for Success programs. CLICK HERE for more.

Tutoring Volunteer Form

If at any time you need additional assistance, the Department of Academic Achievement can arrange for volunteer tutors from the Merit Scholars Organization to work one-on-one with you. CLICK HERE to request assistance.

If you would like to be a volunteer, please complete & submit the volunteer form.