Study for Success

The Study for Success Program is designed to assist first year students as they transition into law school.  Law school instruction is unique in numerous ways: most law school textbooks rely on actual cases decided by courts instead of summarizing legal principles; professors use the Socratic Method for instruction; the few writing assignments require learning new writing conventions; and final exams require application of legal principles to hypothetical fact patterns.  Most students have no prior experience with those methods, so the Department of Academic Achievement established a program to focus on the skills specific to law school instruction.  Students who participate in this program obtain skills that will significantly increase the chances for success in and after law school.

The Study for Success program consists of several components:

If at any time you need additional assistance, the Department of Academic Achievement can arrange for volunteer tutors from the Merit Scholars Organization to work one-on-one with you.

** If you would like to be a tutor, click here to complete the Tutoring Volunteer Form.