International Human Rights Law Association


President: Sarah Kujawa

Vice President: Amanda Gamble


Treasurer: Kendra Howard

Social Chair: Micah Tarry

SBA Representatives:

Faculty Sponsors: Professor Phyllis Bernard & Professor Shannon Roesler



The purpose of the organization shall be as follows

(a)   To increase the interest in human rights issues, be they international, national and/or local.

(b)   Advocate human rights specifically on behalf of victims and raise awareness of human rights among those susceptible to human rights abuses.

(c)    To promote awareness of human rights issues among law students, lawyers and the community.

(d)   To work within the community on human rights issues and projects (pursuant to Article XII, Section 3) including, but not limited to, human trafficking and refugee community assistance.

(e)   To aid in the development of future human rights lawyers.

(f)     To promote networking within the field of human rights law.

(g)   To promote the increase of international human rights law resources available to the students, faculty and staff at Oklahoma City University.


(a) A member may be any law student, faculty or staff member at Oklahoma City School of Law. A member may also be any student, faculty or staff member at Oklahoma City University.

(b)In order to maintain active status, members must attend at least half of the organizational meetings each semester, excluding summer semesters.



March 3, 2010 The International Human Rights Law Association and OCU School of Law made it possible to deliver 50 mosquito nets to orphans in Teacher Mante Village. With the $385 we sent, our Ghanaian friend Simon purchased 50 nets and enough rice, chicken, stew, and soda for all the orphans. This is the first time that the village received any outside aid, and Simon shared with me that this is one of the few times in his life that he saw the orphans smile. It is difficult to understand the depth of hope this has provided for the village. Do know that their lives have forever been changed by the care everyone demonstrated. We are most grateful for this incredible accomplishment.

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