Texas Legal Society


The Texas Legal Society purposes are to engage in projects and programs which the membership considers to be in the interest of those who are considering or want to practice law in Texas and to aid in the academic development of those who are considering taking or want to take the Texas Bar.

Qualifications for Membership:

  • Any person who is registered as a law student at Oklahoma City School of Law may be a member of Texas Legal Society.
  • Membership will be continuous from one year to the next
  • Membership shall be classified as follows: (a) any student who attends 1 meeting and signs the roll sheet shall be deemed a member of Texas Legal Society.


  • President: Alan Mathew
  • Vice President: Mark Auten
  • Secretary: Steven Stratso
  • Treasurer: Sara Dupree
  • SBA Reps: Taylor Jack and Lauren Tobin
  • Faculty Sponsor: Professor Cantrell

Links and Resources:

Texas Legal Society’s Constitution and By-Laws

Texas State Board of Bar Examiners Website