Information Overload & Emotional Wellness – Part 2

October is Emotional Wellness month. The first step to increasing emotional wellness is to assess your current state. Next, try some of these ideas from

  • Be conscious of not jumping to conclusions or assuming the worst.
  • Stay away from unnecessary drama.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Tackle the avoidable stress in your life. Learn time management, relaxation techniques, and eliminate schedule overload.
  • Talk with others, and listen to others.
  • Seek out therapy, books, wellness forums, or support groups that will aid in your specific emotional struggle.
  • Laugh and smile – everyday.

As finals approach, it is crucial to stay positive and work towards total emotional wellness. OCU offers many different resources to help students with their emotional wellness goals, from one on one counseling services, to group meetings, to helping students deal with any problems they are currently facing.

For more information on total wellness support here on campus, check out:

For help and more information dealing specifically with stress, check out:

By: Brian King, Reference Assistant

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