An Employer’s Perspective on Typos

Three of the most common typographical errors we see in cover letters:

  1. The name of the firm/organization is misspelled
  2. The student used a previous letter and over-wrote the name of the new firm in the address block but failed to update the body of the letter (Dear Smith Law Firm: I am writing to express genuine interest in working for Jones Law Firm – ouch!)
  3. The name of the recipient is misspelled

Three pointed responses from a recent employer:

  1. You are competing with a very strong group of equally-qualified applicants
  2. We need employees who can be relied upon to produce an excellent work product
  3. Even the most secure of us see our own name first!

 A core service provided by your Law Career Services office is career document review. Or ask a friend…a roommate…a faculty advisor…ask someone to read and re-read your resume and cover letter before you submit them for employer consideration!

First impressions are critical. Employers suspect that your work product may never be better than your application packet. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, check those typos at the door and land the interview with stellar documents that best reflect your attention to detail and your ability to do an exceptional job!

Feel free to contact Law Career Services for a Career Documents appointment.

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