James Judd

I had Professor Conger in my second year for Legal Profession, and I didn’t really know him before that time, but during that semester I came to realize that he is the kind of man that I want to be.

During the course of that semester, he fell and injured his face pretty bad, and we had a handful of substitutes, but during that time while he recovered, every one of those substitutes took time at the beginning of class to talk about what a great man he was, and not because of the success that he had attained as a lawyer, or even the fact that at one point he got to represent Snoop Dogg, what they talked about was the fact that he was truly an honorable man, an ethical man, a man that you could talk to, and when you did, he would look you in the eyes, and you knew he was telling you the truth. He didn’t have to make promises because you knew he was telling the truth, and after Professor Conger’s untimely death, I continue to hear these good things, and again, none of it was about his success as a lawyer, but his success as a man.

And so, as I reflected on that, I came to realize that’s what I want to be, and when my time on this earth comes to an end, I don’t want people to talk about the money I’ve made or the cases I’ve won, I want them to talk about how I was an honest and ethical man, the same as Professor Conger. And so that’s why I will model my life on his and follow his example.

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