New Displays at the Law Library: Supreme Court Justices, History of the Oklahoma City University Law Library, and the Salem Witch Trials!

There are three new displays at the Law Library!  Across from the Circulation Desk, there is a display with biographies of the Supreme Court Justices.  Want to know more about Justice Sandra Day O’Connor?  Curious about Justice Clarence Thomas?  Check out some of the materials!

In the Reference Wing (1 North), there is a new display with materials discussing the history of Oklahoma City University’s Gold Star Building, home of the Law Library!  Did you know that when it was built, it was considered to be one of the most beautiful and inspiring college buildings in the Southwest?  Find out more about the Gold Star Building!


In the 3rd floor lobby, we have a display on the Salem Witch Trials, just in time for Halloween!  Learn more about this fascinating period of early Colonial American history!

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