A Message from Interim Dean Peoples

To the Future Students of Oklahoma City University School of Law –

Becoming a lawyer is an act of love. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

When you embark on the path to become a lawyer, you are making a sustained commitment to an engaging life. You are expressing a desire to be in the middle of the action, even when the action gets tough. You are stepping into life as a problem-solver. You are embracing a creed of ethical service to others. And you are accepting the responsibility that comes with leadership. This is not an easy path, nor should it be. But when you arrive here at our law school, you will be in a place well-suited to prepare you for this meaningful life.

Our story is like your story in many ways. We are, first of all, quite literally in the middle of the action. We planted our law school in the heart of a thriving, growing city whose history, struggles and great future we share. We are within walking distance to courthouses, law firms, corporate headquarters, non-profit organizations, government agencies and neighborhood service organizations. We are a capital city law school vitally engaged with the business of state and local governments. We are well-known and connected to the legal community, judges, lawyers and city and state leaders. We are committed to partnerships with interdisciplinary enterprises. Like you, we are embracing a new dimension of our history. We are becoming a law school in strong and enduring partnership with the community.

Our curriculum is rich with opportunity. Whatever your legal interests, and wherever they take you, we are committed to preparing you to be an effective, ethical, competent problem-solver with sophisticated knowledge of the law and the world in which the law operates. From day one, you are building professional skills integrated across our curriculum. And you are in the world – not aloof from it — with all of its tragic problems and joyous potential.

We have a close-knit law school community characterized by diversity of opinion and perspectives, a high work ethic, and an inclusive attitude toward our profession. Students, faculty and staff alike share a desire for pragmatic connection with the world. Our superb faculty is rigorous and demanding, and they are devoted to the success of every person in our talented and engaged student body.

When you come here, bring your courage, your intellect, your tenacity and your heart because you will need them all. A mighty spirit lives here, and we hope your spirit will be a part of our future.

With best regards for your journey –

Lee Peoples

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