J.D./MPA Applicants

Oklahoma City University offers the simultaneous award of the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the School of Law and the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. The degrees in law and public administration are designed to provide transformative learning experiences that will prepare students to serve as ethical leaders who will improve communities in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and the world. The paired-degree program allows candidates to earn the J.D. and MPA degrees in less time than would be required if the degrees were earned outside of the paired-degree program.

J.D./MPA Application Process

Law students may apply to the University of Central Oklahoma at any time during the first two years of law school or before beginning law school. A full-time law student may begin MPA coursework after the start of his or her third semester of law school. A part-time law student may begin his or her MPA coursework after the fifth semester of law school. Law students must complete the fixed required courses for the J.D. degree as scheduled.

Students who have been admitted to both degree programs should notify the OCU School of Law’s Registrar. Students may do this by checking the appropriate box on their work statements during any enrollment period. Students who have been admitted to both degree programs should also notify the UCO Jackson College of Graduate Studies and the UCO MPA program.

J.D./MPA Requirements

Paired degree candidates may transfer six credit hours of their J.D. coursework to UCO for credit toward the MPA degree’s required 36 credit hours. Only credit hours from the UCO list of accepted J.D. courses will transfer for this purpose. Paired degree candidates who complete UCO’s MPA degree need to complete only 84 credit hours at the OCU School of Law, including the six credit hours transferred to UCO, to earn the J.D. degree. Thus, participants may earn both degrees with the completion of 114 credit hours, rather than the usual 126 credit hours.

• A bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited institution in any field.
• Overall GPA of 2.75, or 3.0 in last 60 hours.
• If the GPA criteria is not met, a student may be admitted via one of two methods:
– GRE with a minimum score of 160 Verbal and 145 Quantitative. The writing assessment portion must be at 4.0 or greater;
– Or a master’s degree from an accredited university with an overall GPA of 3.0.
Note: a student does not need to take the GRE/have a master’s degree if a student meets the above GPA criteria. Students who do not meet the GPA requirement may be granted conditional admission, but typically must complete 9 hours in required graduate MPA courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, as approved by the MPA graduate director.

Online application for UCO Graduate Admission, available at: UCO Graduate Admissions


• Six required courses (18 hours): Public Administration Dynamics, Public Executive Leadership, Public Finance & Budgeting, Public Sector Human Resources, Public Policy Analysis, and Research Methods
• Five guided elective courses (15 hours)
• A capstone paper (3 hours)
• A comprehensive exam.

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